What is the Online Collection?

The Freiburg Municipal Museums Online Collection presents a range of objects from the Augustinermuseum, the Museum für Neue Kunst, the Museum Natur und Mensch, as well as the Museum für Stadtgeschichte. As part of the City of Freiburg's digital strategy, the intention is to make these objects accessible to a broader public.

You can search the Online Collection specifically for artworks, ethnological or natural-history objects and discover new and hitherto unknown things. The hidden treasures of the individual collections, which are not currently on display in an exhibition, are now accessible to the public and can be appreciated accordingly.

At the same time, the Online Collection expands existing exhibition, communication and education practice into digital space, thereby creating cultural and social added value through free access – anywhere, any time – as well as scope for participation.

The number of objects in the online collection will continue to grow as the collection's holdings are systematically digitised.

Who is the Addressee?

The Online Collection is aimed at both a regional and an international audience. An important prerequisite here is a multi-lingual platform comprising texts in German, French and English. Thematic content, accessible via »albums«, invites you to take a »digital stroll«, learn new things and be inspired.

The various access and entry modes are aimed at future museum-goers, people interested in art and culture, schoolchildren, students, scientists and members of copyright societies.

In order to guarantee a high level of access to the content, the data will be transferred in the medium term to supra-regional knowledge portals, such as LEO-BW, DDB, Europeana and specialist portals (e.g. Münzportal-BW and kenom for coins, MIMO for musical instruments, graphics portal, etc.).

The Online Collection provides an extra point of access with regard to the objects in the museums' permanent and special exhibitions. In addition, visitors will also know which objects are currently in the museum, as well as further scope for information and interaction beyond the immediate, analogue caption describing a given object, e.g. by a detailed view of images of the object (zoom function, different perspectives), commentary functions, sharing objects with friends or the possibility of further use and re-use of object data and digitised material.