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Made from the finest, shiny thread extracted from the banana palm, the unisex belt was woven on Kosrae. Weaving was a rare craft in Oceania, only found on a few islands in Micronesia. Weaving was done on a basic so-called backstrap loom, which was fixed to the ground. In an extremely limited number of areas, the weaver held the woven item held firmly between her feet. This item is the only example of a weaving from Micronesia in the museum's collection. This and other objects from Micronesia came to Freiburg via Eugen Brandeis, who was governor on the island of Jaluit on behalf of the German colonial government from 1898 until 1906. However, most of this ethnographic collection donated to the museum was collected by his wife Antonie Brandeis, who not only collected the objects, but also documented them in detail.

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