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Model of an outrigger from Palau. Palau had five different types of outrigger for different purposes. The canoes of the kaeb type were sports canoes for the purpose of racing. They have not been built since the 1880s. Unlike the boats used to transport goods and people, a kaeb is very narrow. Whether the models were made solely for Europeans is debateable. In 2004, the master carver at the Etpison Museum on Palau, Enrico Soliman, built a kaeb for the Pacific Art Festival of the same year. This and other objects from Micronesia came to Freiburg via Eugen Brandeis, who was governor on the island of Jaluit on behalf of the German colonial government from 1898 until 1906. However, most of this ethnographic collection donated to the museum was collected by his wife Antonie Brandeis, who not only collected the objects, but also documented them in detail.

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