Guild bust of St. Lucillus, 1653 (?)

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In 1650, Father Raphael Schächtelin from Freiburg and his brother George, received a large gift of relics from Pope Innocent X. In addition to the body of St. Alexander, who was elevated to the rank of patron Saint of the City, there were thirteen smaller relics, twelve of which were given to the guilds. For the Corpus Christi processions, each guild commissioned a portable bust made of lime wood, into which the relics were inserted so that they were still visible. The catacomb saints revered in these relics were gradually displaced by traditional guild patron saints. The bust of the patron of the Freiburg bakery guild »Zum Elefanten« (The Elephant) belongs to the number of older busts but was later revised and refinished. Some of the busts were replaced in the 18th century.

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