Wooden comb, 4.-7. Jahrhundert

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The comb has a set of teeth at either end. Presumably it is a side hairgrip, as it is not suitable for actually combing hair. There is a Coptic cross in the middle, indicating that its owner was a Christian.
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Large numbers of such charmingly decorated combs were the product of Egyptian handicrafts from late antiquity and were discovered exclusively in graves. This comb has fine teeth on top and coarse teeth on the bottom. The centrepiece consists of a hollowed out pictorial section, which has been crudely sawn. Presumably, it is a simplified rendering of a church. The nave with its dome is separated by columns from the aisles. There is a Coptic cross in the middle. The entire presentation is framed by annules. They indicate that the deceased was a Christian. The exact function of such combs is unclear. Since they are unsuitable for combing hair, they probably were used as hairgrips.

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