Julius Bissier

Fish, um 1939

About the object

Both the title and form refer to a popular motif in East Asian art. This is further underlined by his use of a stamp that would become a replacement for his handwritten signature from 1934 onwards and which also functions as a separate visual element. The stamp effectively translates Bissier's authorship into a sign and renders it anonymous.

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Bissier, Julius; Ludwig, Jochen: Julius Bissier :. vom Anfang der Bilder 1915 - 1939; Städtische Museen Freiburg, Museum für Neue Kunst, 26. März - 19. Juni 1994 /. Waldkirch 1994, S. 132 S. :.
Hofstätter, Hans H. ; Ludwig, Jochen; Bissier, Julius: Julius Bissier :. Werke im Augustinermuseum Freiburg i.Br.. Mit e. Nachw. "Museumspädagogische Erfahrung bei der Vermittlung von Werken Bissiers" / von Jochen Ludwig /. Freiburg im Breisgau 1981, S. 64 S. :.

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