Johann Baptist Kirner

At the barbers, 1832 - 1837

About the object

The spacious interior is hardly reminiscent of a "barber's shop". The barber, his shirt open and his stockings rolled down, seems to be making a house call. He is busy tonsuring his customer's hair with a razor. A biretta, the traditional headdress of Christian clergymen, sits on a stool.

Object information


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Ausstellungskatalog: Johann Baptist Kirner. Erzähltes Leben. hrsg. von Adila Garbanzo León, Felix Reuße und Tilmann von Stockhausen. Petersberg 2021, S. 182-183, 34.
Mahlbacher, Carina: Johann Baptist Kirner, 1806 - 1866, badischer Hofmaler. Stuttgart, Univ., Diss., 1983, S. 409 S., 193.

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