Cristina Ohlmer


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Cristina Ohlmer uses photographs displaying pronounced light and shade effects as templates for her ink drawings on tracing paper which she has beenmaking in various series since 2003. So-called "three second exposures," they spontaneously capture a single moment. In her highly-concentrated approach to the subject matter, Ohlmer rains down a veritable squall of short ink strokes that spread out dynamically on the large-format sheet of tracing paper. The full amplitude of the moment is captured in each one of these tiny black lines that Ohlmer has drawn on the paper with lightening-quick speed. Asserting itself, not unlike a pulse, the line--with its minute interruptions--stands for its own measure of time. As a crossover artist who uses the most varied media and cultures, Ohlmer visualizes the “expandability of time” and its fragility in her works. The drawing Easter Fire captures a moment of the ancient custom, which symbolizes the beginning of new life after winter.

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