Melchior August de la Venerie (?)

Bird’s-eye-view of Friburg with the fortifications of town and castle-hill, 1706

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The impressive bird's-eye view gives a valuable impression of Freiburg’s fortifications and the Schlossberg, designed and planned by Sébastien de Vauban from 1679 onwards but not built until 1883. This bird's-eye view was presumably made for Prince Eugén after his return from Austria by Melchior August de la Venérie, who was an engineer in charge of the fortress from 1697. The plan shows a number of the projects proposed by Venérie for the further expansion of Vauban's fortress, such as the projecting lunettes in front of the bulwark tops, which are included in the bird's eye view at the planning stage and only partially realised at a later date. This extremely detailed ink drawing is one of the most important sources documenting Freiburg’s older architectural history due to its detailed presentation of both the fortress and the inner city.

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. In: Friburgum : Ansichten einer Stadt; Bock, Sybille, Barceló, Núria. Waldkirch .

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