Pia Stadtbäumer


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What stands out here are the gestures and sheer nakedness: half angel, half human, a realistically depicted but proportionally shrunken body. The fact remains: this female body has been based on a photo of one of Stadtbäumer's female friends. The crossed fingers of her left hand would seem to somehow cancel out the mysterious gesture she is making with her right hand. The form of her symmetrical wings result from the outlines of a Rorschach test, situated on the back of the wings and formerly used towards the end of the nineteenth century as a psychoanalytical method for the determination of personality structure. The figure stands with its metal wings on grey index card cabinets and is brightly illuminated by the studio lamp. These memory files refer to the work of the conceptual artist, Stanley Brouwn, who was interested in the measurements between people, points, and places. However, the index card cabinets are empty and do not offer any clues to verify whether the lucid body is of this world.

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