Alcelaphus buselaphus major, 1909

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Measuring between 120 and 145 cm at the shoulder and weighing between 125 to 200 kg, this hartebeest belongs to the largest of antelope species. The hartebeest has a noticeably sloping back with an unusually elongated and slender head, its forehead more or less stretches and grows upward by way of a bony protrusion. The hartebeest is almost a uniformly sand-like yellowish brown to bright reddish colour. The horns have a double curve and vary in form and size: at first forwards and more or less sideways, they then sharply curve upwards and backwards. Females display more slender horns. A typical herd size ranges from 4 to 15 while sometimes reaching up to 30 animals. It was not uncommon to witness gatherings of hundreds, historically thousands, of herds together. Sometimes young males form their own bachelor herds. Otherwise, typically herds comprise a number of females and their young gathered around an adult male. In some areas, hartebeests are known to undertake extensive migrations, however, where there is ample water and nutrition, they remain territorial.

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