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Although this piece was probably made for sale to the collector Robert Beirer due to the bright red and blue pigments of European provenance, it has been fashioned meticulously. The bodies of the two opposing snakes are raised in relief. Both ribs and scales of snake bodies are carved and inlayed with white chalk. The lower of the two snakes suggests the outline of a human head. The handle is furnished with relief carvings and chalk inlay. The motifs on the handles of the clubs are typical for the region. Woven bracelets, which terminate in a tip, were widely used in men's jewellery. This piece has been dyed completely red, blue and white, there is only one section where the dark wood seems to stand out, but there are also traces of blue paint present. The back of the club has been dyed red all over. The object comes from the Robert Beirer collection from Sipplingen, who worked for the New Guinea Company as a storeroom assistant at the end of the 19th century and sold a large collection to the Museum in Freiburg.

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