Korntawer, Job

Map of Freiburg (»Korntawer’s Map«), 1608

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After Freiburg's transition from Ducal government to the rule of the House of Habsburg, the City was able to acquire a modest amount of territory. The village of Betzenhausen was bought in 1381, Freiburg acquired the pledge over Adelhausen in the south in 1412 and Dinghof and Dorf Herdern became municipal property in 1457. With the purchase of the entire manor of the St. Märgen monastery in 1462, foundations were laid for territorial gains in the Dreisamtal, a trend that culminated in the acquisition of Kirchzarten at the end of the century. The Talvogtei was built there as Freiburg’s administrative seat, which is now Kirchzarten’s town hall. The territory was consolidated during the 16th century and by then it extended as far as Lehen and Betzenhausen in the west, to Horben and to the heights of the Schauinsland to the south, to the district of Zähringen to the north and stretched deep into the Dreisamtal to the entrance of the Höllental to the east. In 1607, the cartographer Job Korntawer, who also worked as a doctor, prepared a large-format municipal map of the juridical district and ban (minus the »Talvogtei« with Kirchzarten in the east) on behalf of the mayor and the City council. The cartographer is pictured below with two assistants. The 145 illustrated and numbered boundary markers are explained in the legend. A copy of the map, made in its original size at the beginning of the 20th century, is located in the Meckel Hall in the main branch of the Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau.

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