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This sculptural wall, which almost seems to be moving, is structured by the geometric shapes, the rhythmic arrangement of the wooden panels and the reduced tonal palette. Stefan Hösl created a series of geometric collages in the early 1990s, mainly from newspapers and printed reports. Untitled (1993) can be seen as a continuation of this work in a more abstract, tangible form.
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Stefan Hösl’s wall-based sculptural work offers a sense of optical illusion: the movement, the geometry and the rhythm of the wooden pieces are important components of the piece. In the early 90s, the artist made a series of geometrical collages, which particularly involved newspapers and newsprints. Untitled (1993) can be seen as a continuation of this series, in a more abstracted and physical form. Since 2002, with the name Hösl & Mihaljevic, he has been working collectively with the artist Andrea Mihaljevic. This close and vivid dialogue led to a conceptually more dynamic artistic process and it opened up more possibilities in different media. The duo is working with primarily found material and imagery, and creates collages, bookworks, sculptural, photographic and video installations with a great sense of space and site-awareness. (Translation: Michael Müller)

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