Morchella esculenta

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Lifelike Plastic Model of a Morel
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Fungi are exciting, versatile organisms. They form their own kingdoms within eukaryotic organisms and include both unicellular and multicellular organisms. They feed saprotrophically (processing of dead organic matter) and show great diversity in distribution, morphology and nutrition. As many as 80 to 90 % of all land plants can live together with fungi symbiotically, via a symbiotic association called mycorrhiza. Habitats between fungi and unicellular cyanobacteria or green algae are called lichens. Fungi are of great importance for humans as food or indirectly for its preparation, in medicine or even spiritually as psychotropic drugs. It is very difficult to preserve them permanently in collections without impairing their external appearance. As a result, lifelike plastic models are excellently suited for exhibitions and various presentation formats. It is possible to experience them through touch and they are durable. Important morphological features, by means of which species can be differentiated, are thus visible regardless of season or weather.

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