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»The Alemanne«, 1935

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The daily newspaper Der Alemanne, which had been published in Freiburg from November 1931 onwards, was the official regional activist newspaper of the NSDAP and effectively the »mouthpiece of Adolf Hitler«. The other newspapers in Freiburg, such as the Social Democratic Volkswacht (People’s Watch) were immediately banned, »brought into line/ coordinated« after the Nazis seized power in 1933, thus geared towards Nazi political and ideological goals. The hording uses state-of-the-art typography and shows just how cutting-edge Nazi propaganda was creatively. The editor-in-chief (»lead writer«) of Der Alemanne was the trained economist, Franz Kerber, who had been a party member since 1930 and district head of the NSDAP since 1932. He was responsible for a campaign in March 1933, fuelled in the pages of the newspaper, for the resignation of the sitting Mayor of Freiburg, Karl Bender, whose office Kerber subsequently assumed at the behest of the Nazi party.

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