Gottlieb Theodor Hase (1818 - 1888)

Artist, Manufacturer/Producer, Photographer, Voreigentümer/in öffentlich, represented / portrayed Person



Birth of Gottlieb Theodor Hase on 18th January 1818 in Erfurt. His parents were day labourer and tailor Lorenz Ha(a)se and his wife Martha Maris, née Rudloff. Baptism on 19th January.


Marriage to Maria Katharina Leopoldine née Wiser (*Freiburg, 15th November 1817) in Freiburg’s Ludwigskirche on 28th June. The couple live in Erfurt.


November to April 1849: stays as a portrait painter and wandering photographer in Bayreuth.


May to August: as a wandering photographer in Bamberg; from August as a photographer with his own studio in Würzburg.

Birth of son Franz Gustav Theodor Hase in Würzburg on 20th September.


Birth of daughter Ida Johanna Hase on 13th April.

In October/November 1851: G. Th. Hase participates in the “Local Industry Exhibition” in Würzburg.


In June: departure from Würzburg and until August: works as a wandering photo-grapher in Baden-Baden and Offenburg.

Arrives in Freiburg mid-August and opens the “Artistic Photographic Establishment” in Oberlinden, house no. 571 (today, Oberlinden 15).


Birth of son Friedrich (Fritz) on 11th January.


Collaboration with physics professor Johann Heinrich Jakob Müller (1809–1875) to photograph the solar spectrum.


Moves to Kaiserstraße, house no. 460 (later, premises of the Freiburger Zeitung newspaper).

Birth of daughter Hermine Sophie Emilie on 3rd July 1857.


Awarded the title “court photographer” by Grand Duke Friedrich II of Baden.


Opening of the photographic establishment Gottlieb Theodor Hase in Haus Blust, Kaiserstraße (house no. 528, today Kaufhof).

Acquires citizenship rights for the Duchy of Baden and for Freiburg.


Participates in the “International Photographic Exhibition” in Berlin. Award for landscape photographs.


Completion of his own residential house with studio on Karlsplatz 4 (today, Erasmusstraße no. 8).


Fritz Hase joins his father’s business which now operates as “Photographic Establishment G. Th. Hase & Son”.


Death of Gottlieb Theodor Hase on 4th July in Freiburg at the age of 70. His son Fritz continues to operate the studio.


Death of Gottlieb Theodor Hase’s widow Leopoldine on 28th February at her house on Karlsplatz at the age of 87.


Fritz Hase sells the studio to photographers Max Heß and Joseph Schrödel. They continued operations until the year 1905 under the name “G. Th. Hase and Son, court photographer, successors”; after ending their business partnership, as “Max Heß Hase & Son, successor” from 1908 onwards.


Death of Fritz Hase on 1st July in Freiburg at the age of 53.

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