Die Familie ist versammelt um den Tisch in der Stube. Am Tisch legt eine alte Frau Karten aus. Der Vater lehnt sich, von der Vorhersage erschreckt, zurück.
His paintings are so alive, it is as if one can almost hear the clinking of the glasses and the laughing of the children. Johann Baptist Kirner was once one of the most celebrated painters in the Black Forest but is now almost forgotten. Discover his painted stories here!
Tongefäß mit ausgeschütteten Silbermünzen
The numismatic collection of the Augustinermuseum includes numerous coins of the Rappenmünzbund, a coinage association in the southern Upper Rhine region that lasted for over 180 years.
Rentierkörper aus Metall ohne Beine auf Platte montiert
Museum für Neue Kunst
The Museum für Neue Kunst (MNK) is celebrating a rediscovery: Priska von Martin (1912–1982) left an extensive and extremely modern oeuvre to posterity. In her life, she broke new ground and created something extraordinary in what was the male domain of sculpture at that time.
Stadtansicht von Freiburg
Haus der Graphischen Sammlung
Johann Martin Morat captured impressions of his Baden homeland in delicate yet radiantly clear colours: He travelled between the Black Forest, Breisgau and Markgräflerland via the High Rhine but also visited the regions of Lake Constance and the bordering areas of Switzerland. His richly detailed gouaches and watercoloured pencil drawings tell us about the architectural and cultural history of the region.
Blick in einen Ankleideraum in einem Restaurant in dem sich drei japanische Kurtisanen gerade auf den Abend vorbereiten
Ethnographical Collection
Lyrical landscapes, graceful geishas and dramatic scenes from the theatre: the rare and valuable Japanese woodblock prints that entered the collection of the Freiburg municipal museums nearly one hundred years ago allow a vivid ephemeral world to unfold before our eyes.
Bauernhäuser im Schwarzwald, auf den Feldern davor ein Bauer, mit der Sense mähend
Dark forests, quaint farms, "Bollenhut" and cherry cake: hardly any other German cultural landscape is afflicted with so many clichés as the Black Forest. Even today it is a place of longing and a popular holiday destination. But how did this myth come about? What is the truth about the stories and fairy tales that surround the region? We let the pictures tell their stories.