Johann Baptist Kirner

Grand ducal hunting party with shot deer (preparatory sketch), vor 1842

About the object

The earliest known preparatory study for the painting Hunting party is decisively different in terms of its pictorial composition from the painting that was later realised: instead of one main scene, there are two equally weighted scenes in each half of the painting. The campfire on the left was later moved to the right edge; the figure with his back to us with the hounds was removed.

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Ausstellungskatalog: Johann Baptist Kirner. Erzähltes Leben. hrsg. von Adila Garbanzo León, Felix Reuße und Tilmann von Stockhausen. Petersberg 2021, S. 80-83, 2.1.
Carina Mahlbacher: Johann Baptist Kirner 1806-1866. Badischer Hofmaler. (Diss.). Lahr/Schwarzwald 1983, S. 316, 671.

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