Kittlitz, Wilhelm von

according to Sickinger’s etching, 1965

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The model shows the city of Freiburg at the time of its greatest expansion before the destruction in the wake of the Thirty Years' War. The old city centre from the Zähringer period with the cathedral at the foot of the Schlossberg is separated by the circular walls with five gates (built soon after 1120) from the less densely built-up suburbs, which were added from the13th century onwards. They were given their own walls and gates. The village of Adelhausen lies to the south and is home to several important convents. Commissioned by the Municipal Collections between 1962 and 1966, the Freiburg sculptor Wilhelm von Kittlitz - in addition to his own research - used the two bird's-eye views executed by the Solothurn woodblock cutter, Gregorius Sickinger (1558 - 1631) in 1589 as a source for the model. The most elevated points have been exaggerated for a better overview, clearly demonstrated in the case of the Schlossberg in particular. The colour coding distinguishes the buildings according to their functions: parish churches and city administration (dark red), monasteries (light red), hospitals (bright green), university (light green).

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