Eland Antelope

Taurotragus oryx, 1909

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These antelopes, also called eland for short, weigh up to 1,000 kg and can measure up to three metres in body length. They are the largest species of antelope. Both male and female animals have a pair of horns that are twisted at the base straightening out to a point.
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This trophy belongs to the museum's trophy collection, which comprises 360 objects. It is from typical antelope species that still live in present-day Tanzania. This trophy belonged to Hans Hudemann, who was an officer in the Schutztruppe (Imperial colonial protection force) in the colony of German East Africa. He probably shot the animal himself. Along with various weapons, he brought the trophies to Freiburg around 1909. The trophies belonged to the estate of his widow, Constance Hudemann, which she left to the museum in 1964 via her son-in-law, Prof. Jeschek.

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