Garnet broach

Pyrop und Almandin, Ende 19. Jahrhundert

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The historic lapidary industry in Breisgau probably developed around 1400 from the regional silver mining industry, which repeatedly generated hardstones fit to be polished. Alongside quartz, light blue chalcedony, yellow-red jasper, carnelian and agate were polished. Hardstone imports of agate and amethyst from the Saar-Nahe region, rock crystal from the Swiss Alps and exclusive garnet deliveries from Bohemia led to an upturn in the lapidary industry. By the15th and 16th centuries, traders at European trade fairs were offered these much desired gemstones from Freiburg. It wasn't until the 19th century that this once-flourishing industry began to experience a gradual decline. Archaeological finds in the Kartäuserstraße and at the Feierling Brewery prove several medieval lapidaries along the banks of the industrial canal.

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