Johann Baptist Kirner

Arm position of the listening Black Forest woman, vor 1846

About the object

Kirner studied the posture of the eavesdropper's crooked right arm - which is holding a sewing basket in the painting Die Kartenschlägerin (The Fortune-Teller) - very carefully indeed. In numerous sketches, he worked on the shape and position of the arm and hand - both with and without the cloth pinned between the arm and body. These detailed studies also focus on the oblique axis of the figure's posture, which leans in to the left towards the wall.

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Ausstellungskatalog: Johann Baptist Kirner. Erzähltes Leben. hrsg. von Adila Garbanzo León, Felix Reuße und Tilmann von Stockhausen. Petersberg 2021, S. 118-121, 14.3.

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