Johann Baptist Kirner

Peasant woman from Kinzigtal (Gutach) with bobble hat and nap bonnet, vor 1846

About the object

The peasant woman depicted here is wearing a Bollenhut (formal female headdress and part of traditional Black Forest folk costume adorned with distinctive woollen pompoms) from the Kinzigtal on top of her transparent silk mob cap. In Kirner's study, the missing right hand can be seen above the arm on the left, and the slippers of the fortune-teller, appear - somewhat randomly - at the bottom of the sketch. These preparatory pencil drawings were made for the painting Die Kartenschlägerin (The Fortune-Teller).

Object information


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Ausstellungskatalog: Johann Baptist Kirner. Erzähltes Leben. hrsg. von Adila Garbanzo León, Felix Reuße und Tilmann von Stockhausen. Petersberg 2021, S. 118-121, 14.4.
Carina Mahlbacher: Johann Baptist Kirner 1806-1866. Badischer Hofmaler. (Diss.). Lahr/Schwarzwald 1983, S. 275, 477.

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