Johann Martin Morat

nach 1865

About the object

This is the first known depiction of the village. The remote village, replete with its expansive Black Forest farmsteads, was particularly attractive to visitors from urban areas. This study places the lower village, its houses facing the valley, at the centre of the composition, with the upper village in the distance toward the left.

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Morat, Johann Martin ; Reuße, Felix: Blauer Himmel über Baden. Ortsansichten des 19. Jahrhunderts von Johann Martin Morat. Ostfiltern 2019, S. 176 Seiten.
Winterhalter, Franz Xaver: Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873) :. portraits de cour, entre faste et élégance /. Paris 2016, S. 239 pages ;.

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