Johann Baptist Kirner

Young Black Forest woman, listening (with sewing box), vor 1846

About the object

Compared to the other two preliminary studies, the figure of the eavesdropper from the painting Die Kartenschlägerin (The Fortune-Teller) has been positioned closer to the wall in this case. This changes the posture of her upper body and lower arm. Kirner also inclines her head more, pertinently revealing her ear. Her rapt gaze loses itself in the distance: the figure's entire concentration is now geared toward hearing rather than seeing.

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Ausstellungskatalog: Johann Baptist Kirner. Erzähltes Leben. hrsg. von Adila Garbanzo León, Felix Reuße und Tilmann von Stockhausen. Petersberg 2021, S. 118-121, 14.2.
Carina Mahlbacher: Johann Baptist Kirner 1806-1866. Badischer Hofmaler. (Diss.). Lahr/Schwarzwald 1983, S. 284, 526.

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