House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

About the object

Tiny quills are visible on the wings, tail and back of this hatchling chick. Down develops from the fifth day in ovum. The feather follicle then grows out of the epidermis. This is where the feathers are formed. On the eighth to ninth day after hatching, the quills burst out of the epidermis and gradually cover the hatchling with feathers.
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The preserving fluid comes from the museum's old stock. Further information, such as the place of discovery, taxidermist, details about how it entered the collection, etc. are unknown. This historic item, preserved beneath a watch-glass dome, is a genuine display specimen of excellent quality. Neither clouding nor loss of the preserving fluid is apparent. Due to their clarity, fluid-preserved specimens are extremely suitable for teaching and instruction. They are still used for this purpose today with great success. Due to the excellent condition of this preserved specimen, which is based on optimal preservation techniques and conservation, it could be removed from its container today and be examined scientifically, even if this was not the original intention. Scientific collections are also preserved in order to be able to deal with questions that may arise at a later date.

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