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Dr. Hugo Ficke was an enthusiastic lepidopterist. He donated a large collection of indigenous and exotic butterflies to the museum.
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Dr. Hugo Ficke is one of the founding fathers of the museum. The museum is indebted to him. He was an enthusiastic lepidopterist and donated a collection of indigenous and exotic butterflies to the museum. This insect display case is a particularly beautiful specimen from his collection. It contains butterflies from Africa, the Far East and Central Asia, as well as North and South America. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to determine whether this insect display case has remained in its original condition or whether some of the butterflies have been subsequently repositioned. It is not unusual to reposition specimens within an individual case or between separate cases. This often happens, especially in the case of systematic revisions, depending on the scientific basis on which the contents of the insect cases were compiled and integrated into the collection. Since this is a display case, a repositioning of the specimens within the case over time is also highly likely. The insects can be replaced because they may have been damaged or their colours may have faded. It is also possible at any time to adapt to changes in thematic focus and thus to a modified aim with regard to the museum's overall communication and educational remit.

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