Walter Dittrich

Morchella esculenta

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Morels (Morchella esculenta) are very popular edible mushrooms. As decomposers, they are not bound to a specific plant and can therefore be found in different places, e.g. in alluvial forests or on unfertilised meadows. After 1945, the museum afforded more space in the collection to mushrooms. In addition to various models, there are also artistic depictions of mushrooms, in this case the morel.
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This watercolour is by Walter Dittrich (b. 9 September 1881 - d. 10 January 1976). Walter Dittrich began his career as an artist by painting and engraving glass. After his training at the technical school in Haida (Bohemia) specialising in glass, he switched to the Viennese School of Arts and Crafts and turned increasingly to painting and graphic arts. His love for nature was deeply rooted and accompanied him throughout his life. From 1916 onwards, Walter Dittrich lived in Freiburg and produced illustrations of plants and animals as an employee of the Herder publishing house.

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