August Macke

Street with Church in Kandern, 1911

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This view of the church in Kandern is almost unchanged today. Any visitor walking along the Ziegelstraße will also come across the late-medieval building with its distinctive corbie gable. August Macke's painting is dominated solely by the town's architecture. He dissects the composition for the most part into a rhythmic structure of sharply-contoured tonal areas, which culminate in the elongated structure of the church steeple. Macke visited the small town in the Markgräflerland (Margraves' Land) where his sister Auguste lived with her husband on a number of occasions between 1905 and 1913. These visits also gave rise to many drawings, watercolors and oil paintings.

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Michael Haas; Christine Litz; Christiane Grathwohl-Scheffel: Freundschaftsspiel. Sammlung Haas : Museum für Neue Kunst. Freiburg im Breisgau 2013, S. 22.

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