Julius Heffner

The Hornberg, um 1937

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The typical alternation of meadows and forest areas structures the picture and directs one's eye out into the distance way beyond the hillside viewpoint. The detailed depiction of the four farms on the edge of the winding cart track road - replete with cottage gardens and flowers along the wayside - are reminiscent of children's book illustrations.
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This painting by Julius Heffner shows a wide view of the Black Forest from almost a bird’s-eye perspective. In the foreground is a mountain slope with meadows and four farmhouses, connected by a country road like pearls on a string. The first farmhouse is hidden in a slight hollow, so that only its upper half is visible; its roof boasts a ridge turret with a bell. Next to the houses are cottage gardens, where the inhabitants of the Black Forest grow flowers and vegetables; fences made of wooden slats protect the gardens from wild animals. In the background is a level valley with a town, while the top third of the picture is occupied by a cloud-filled sky. Heffner’s painting clearly evokes the typical alternation of meadows and wooded areas in the Black Forest. The dry, muted application of paint emphasizes the summery mood of the image, suggesting a slight milky veil of haze hanging over the landscape. The detailed execution of the scene lends the work an almost naive expression. Heffner is far removed from the impressionistic approach of Wilhelm Hasemann or Franz Gräßel. In his work, all the elements are carefully developed; in its wealth of detail, the landscape scene recalls illustrations in children’s books. TILMANN VON STOCKHAUSEN (Transl. MELISSA THORSON)

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