George Ward Tjungurrayi

"Tingari Dreaming"

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The Australian Aboriginal modern acrylic painting was created in Papunya in 1972 and spread continuously from there across the continent. The artists mainly draw their themes from the so-called »dream time« for their paintings, which deal with events that transpired during the time of the world's creation when ancestral beings migrated in various human and animal forms across the continent and left their mark. The events and tracks can be read in the Australian landscape as if it were a map. There is a superficial level of meaning of the images, which is also accessible to the uninitiated. Thus, concentric circles are usually interpreted as important sites whereas lines are the paths connecting them. This particular painting, which can be classified as a relatively early stage of modern art, is decorated in ochres, yellows and reds, and thus adheres to the canonical tonal palette of traditional Aboriginal art. Acrylic paintings are made on a commercial basis in order to be sold to a western audience. The painting was acquired in 1990 at the Papunya Tula Artists Gallery in Alice Springs.

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