Kiyonaga Torii

Promenading Girl with Four Servants from the series »Fashionable Silks of the East«, 1783

About the object

A group of employees from an upper-class Samurai household accompanies the daughter of the family, pictured on the left. She is said to be five or six-years-old and is wearing her hair in a so-called ginkgo leaf style, which was fashionable in the late-18th century. The two ladies in the foreground are wearing upright, angular hats (ageboshi), which indicate their elevated rank among the servants. The young girl standing on the right-hand edge of the picture was employed as playmate and servant for the young mistress, which is why she also has a doll in her hands. Finally, at the very bottom in the hierarchy, a hatless woman holds a large parasol to shield the girl and the higher-ranking servants from the sun.

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