Hermann Scherer

Adam and Eve, 1925

About the object

The pair of figures has been carved out of one log. Hermann Scherer, who was a trained stonemason, learned this technique from Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who was mentor to the younger Scherer. The two figures - Adam and Eve according to the title - are already intimately fused together because of the use of this non-additive technique, but at the same time they seem to look into themselves and be preoccupied with one another. The Expressionist sculpture shows great talent of an artist who died at an early age.

Object information


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Klant, Michael; Walch, Josef: Grundkurs Kunst 2. Plastik, Skulptur, Objekt. Braunschweig 2017, S. 192 S..
Michael Haas; Christine Litz; Christiane Grathwohl-Scheffel: Freundschaftsspiel. Sammlung Haas : Museum für Neue Kunst. Freiburg im Breisgau 2013.

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