Dr. Friedrich Anton Lübbert (1859)

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Dr. Anton Lübbert (d.o.b. and death date unknown) was born in Silesia and moved to Freiburg in order to study medicine, where he obtained his doctorate in 1883. He then served as a medical officer in Würzburg (1885–1886) where he progressed to the rank of senior surgeon at the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy for military education in Berlin. He worked in the Laboratory of Hygiene there (1889–1891). Up until 1895, Lübbert oversaw the Laboratory of Hygiene and Chemistry in Dresden provided by the Imperial Ministry of War. In 1895, Lübbert completed his habilitation degree in hygiene at the University of Breslau and went on to hold a lectureship there from 1896–1897. From 1 April 1897, Lübbert was active in the colonial service where he was deployed as a staff-surgeon major and senior physician in Windhoek, German South West Africa (present-day Namibia). He retired from the colonial service in 1902 and moved to Hamburg, where he worked as an assistant at the Institute for Hygiene. The exact dates of his birth and death are unknown.

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