The aim is to present and make transparent the complex legal position and associated possibilities for using the Online Collection.

Use of Index Information

The Freiburg Municipal Museums believe in open access to information and knowledge and the free use and reuse of the contents. The index information (metadata) of the objects in the Online Collection will be therefore soon available for download under the Creative Commons License CCZero 1.0 Universell (CC0) in the Open Data Portal of the City of Freiburg and can be freely shared, used and edited without prior request.

Text, Audio and Video Content

Descriptions and their translations, sound recordings, videos and 3D-digital copies are subject to copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. They may not be copied, changed or used on other websites for commercial purposes or for distribution without prior permission.

Terms of Use for Images

For images of objects that no longer enjoy copyright protection or for which no legal protection periods apply (»public domain works«) and which are owned by the City of Freiburg, the City Council has decided to publish them in the online collection under the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

This applies to works of which the copyright holders died at least 70 years ago.

You are permitted to do the following with images of these works:

  • share (transmit, distribute, copy)
  • edit (e.g. change, combine with other content, also create something new)
  • use (for any purpose, e.g. in school, for research, teaching, publications, incl. commercial publications)

on the condition that appropriate details or notices pertaining to copyright/rights are provided, including a link to the licence and an indication whether any modifications have been made.

You may not insert any additional clauses or technical procedures that legally prohibit others from doing anything that the licence permits.

These images are available for download at a height or width of 2000 px at 300 dpi. They can be viewed in detail via a IIIF viewer (Open Seadragon) with a magnification function, printed and shared via the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Pinterest, as well as via e-mail.

Images of ethnological objects of non-European cultures are available for download under the Creative Commons Licences Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) or Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), pursuant to the applicable terms of protection.

You are permitted to do the following with images of these works:

  • share (transmit, distribute, copy)
  • edit (e.g. change, combine with other content, also create something new)
  • use (only for non-commercial purpose, e.g. in school, for research, teaching, scientifix publications)

on the condition that that appropriate details or notices pertaining to copyright/rights are provided, include a link to the licence, indicate whether modifications have been made, and distribute your contributions only under the same licence as the original.

You may not insert any additional clauses or technical procedures that legally prohibit others from doing anything that the licence permits.

All copyrighted images of objects © can only be used upon request from the named copyright holders. This applies especially to works by living artists or those who died fewer than 70 years ago.

These images are displayed in a smaller resolution, such as at a height or width of 1000 px at 72 dpi, but are not available for download and – only in exceptional cases – for sharing.

The images may only be used after prior request from and approval by the copyright holder. As far as a number of artists are concerned, the copyright is held by VG Bild-Kunst in Bonn.

Information regarding the copyright holder can be found directly below the image.

Requests for Images

If you have any questions regarding images owned by the Freiburg Municipal Museums protected by copyright or if you need an image in a higher resolution (e.g. TIFF format), a different view of the object or an image that has not yet been digitised, please contact our photo library at:

Please send requests regarding images of loans from the Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum Freiburg (Archbishop's Diocesan Museum of Freiburg) and the Metropolitankapitel Freiburg (Metropolitan Chapter) to:

Costs may be incurred for the production of new digital copies or the provision of digital copies, in which case you will be notified in advance.

When requesting use of an image, please provide the following information: type of publication/product (commercial, non-profit), author, title, publisher/production, edition/visitor website, publication date.

Fair use recommendations

We kindly request you to consider the following recommendations when using images that are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. They are derived from the Europeana »Public Domain Usage Guidelines«.

Indicate the source
If you use photographs/images of an object under a CC Licence, please indicate the artist/producer as well as the title and the year of origin.

Photographs of artworks and objects have been made by photographers with great care and high standards. These reproductions are subject to image rights, which are held by the photographers, therefore they must also be credited.

In order to enable other users to find out where they can find the work or an image of the work, we also kindly request that you provide a reference to the museum or a link to the respective page of the online collection where the object is displayed.

Recommendations for source references:

Artist/producer, title, date, museum/owner, inventory number, photo: photographer and link to the object as well as to the licence.


Protect the reputation of the artist and the museum
If you modify a public domain image, do not attribute your changes to the artist/producer or the museum. The name of the artist/producer or the museum logo may not be used without permission in an attempt to identify the modified work.

Show respect for the original
Please do not use the works in an illegal or misleading context. If you modify and publish a public domain work, clearly indicate that you have modified the original.

Share your knowledge
If you have further information about an object – e.g. provenance, artist, content or copyright holder – we kindly request that you to share your knowledge with us and other users. Please send us an e-mail at:

Please be sensitive when dealing with different cultures
If the work contains culturally or religiously sensitive aspects, we kindly request you to treat them in a considered, respectful and circumspect manner. This applies especially to ethnological objects and historical photographs. Please be aware that certain modifications or uses of such items may potentially hurt or offend others. Where in doubt, we would like to point out that the German Museums Association's »Guidelines for dealing with artefacts acquired from Colonial Contexts« (Leitfadens zum Umgang mit Sammlungsgut aus kolonialen Kontexten) should be observed.

Some photographs or archival materials reflect a contemporary view of other peoples and cultures and which may well be considered offensive today. Names or photographs of deceased persons can also cause suffering or grief for members of the indigenous societies. In addition, indigenous communities may be subject to prohibitions with regard to age, gender, family affiliation or, indeed, the scenes depicted. Therefore, a number of photographs and archive materials have been published with reservation and can be removed on the basis of further research or appropriate advice.

Protection of Copyright

Never remove the licence buttons from works or distribute misleading information about their provenance, the responsible artists, copyright holders or copyright status.

Insofar as the contents were not created by the user, the copyright of third parties should be respected and duly noted, i.e. designated at all times. Should you nevertheless become aware of a copyright infringement, please inform us at If we become aware of any infringements, we will remove content of this kind immediately.

Please note that the Freiburg Municipal Museums do not assume any guarantees whatsoever with regard to any work and accept no liability for any damages arising from further use of content. This also applies to the accuracy and completeness of the presented metadata.


Should images appear in printed matter, we would like to ask you to send a specimen copy to: Städtische Museen Freiburg, Gerberau 15, 79098 Freiburg.

Your Artwork in the Museum Shop

Provided that the Fair Use Recommendation is observed, artworks governed by the Creative Commons Licence CC BY 4.0 can be used by creative users who want to make their own artworks. Please do send feedback on types of use to . This will give us a better idea of how the images of our objects are being utilised.

And who knows, maybe your new artwork will be in the Freiburg Municipal Museums museum shop before you know it!